Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Goodbye Dennis

Dennis was a firm believer in Karma for Kalmer Cats. He not only preached it, but he lived the life!
What a character......a dancin' fool!

Never was afraid to be up high on your head or shoulder.....that way he could see things from a different perspective, maybe see something else he could get into and in trouble.

Anything empty? He had to be in it, whether he fit or not! You just squeeze in...!

This is where he would lay while I was on the computer. Always wanted to be right beside you.

Dennis was always so loving....he would stare at you and tap his paw on your lips or cheek, letting you know how he felt!

Now you see what I mean by unusual?

Dennis is third kitten from left. His mommy died unexpectedly when he was only three weeks old and he was completely taken care of by humans after that.

He always had a commical way of sitting.....!

Many decisions in life are difficult to make and when you're finished making them you wonder whether it was the right decision or whether it was a solution at all. Yesterday, we had to make one of those decisions. After much decision-making and tear-flowing, we had to put our beloved kitty, Dennis, down. He had a blockage in his ureter that immediately blocked again after having a catheter put in. The chances of that to continue to happen were very strong and it was very painful for him. We couldn't see him suffer anymore through this. I had to take him in yesterday, early in the morning before leaving for work. It definetly helped me thoughout the day keeping my mind otherwise occupied.....well, sort of! When I got home last evening, Ken and I buried him in the garden not too far from where Patches was buried only two months earlier. The ironic thing is that Dennis was always sneaking past us when the door was open and we'd end up chasing him around the yard to get him back inside. He dreamed of being an outside kitty, I he has his wish!

They say "inside" kitties live longer and healthier......Patches, our "outside/inside" kitty lived until 20 and Dennis, our "inside" kitty lived only 5 years. Who can figure!! But we will continue to keep our others inside since it's the safest environment for them.

We really interact with our kitties, they are all members of our family. But Dennis had quite the unusual personality for a cat. He actually had more "dog" qualities than "kitty" qualities personality-wise. When someone would come to the door, he would run to greet them, he never met a stranger. He was filled with humor and mischief from day 1. Hence the name, Dennis the Menace. That name came immediately to us when we went to name him. So Dennis he became. I had never had a cat with a "person name" before. It was quite humerous. Everyone who met Dennis felt a connection right off the bat because of his outgoing personality. When our new little kitten came recently all the others were stand-offish and hissing; not Dennis, he came running right in and greeted little Gracie Mae into our little family unit! Instant friends! They would have become great buddies!

Interesting that Gracie Mae came along when she did, isn't it?

Dennis was always wanting to be the center of attention. Scrapbooking, he would sprawl out on all my materials, stretching out and, one by one, knocking things off onto the floor. He was there to stay....all you could do was to work around him. He'd stay as long as I did! Two Christmas's ago, he decided to chew a string of lights hanging on the tree in half. Yes, burnt his mouth, scared him to death, our lights went out and he kept his distance for days keeping a close eye on that tree! He loved to ride around on your shoulder and sometimes on top your head and he was exceptionally smart. He will be missed and has left an empty place in our hearts that will never be filled quite that way ever again. Enjoy thepictures of him. They show his purr-sonality!

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Regina said...

What a sweet way to remember Dennis. Nick and I were so sorry to hear about it. Ken said it would make me cry and while it pains me to say Ken was right about anything he was this time. The new kitty is a cutie. Good luck with Gracie Mae! Regina