Thursday, July 2, 2009 robin!

They don't have their "red breast" at first. But they could fly without much tail feathers!!!

Butterfly House - Chesterfield, Missouri

Sunday we made a trip over to the butterfly house in Chesterfield. Was a beautiful day outside...the humidity was finally gone. But inside the butterfly house was another and very humid, had sweat rolling down my back. But oh how beautiful were the butterflies and flowers......quiet made up for it. Enjoy the pics.

My parents.

Not sure what exotic plant this was, but it's beautiful.

The Lunar Moth...the only moth in the butterfly house.

Hissing cockroaches.....very large as you can see by the relation to them and the orange. Don't want any of these at home!!!!!

The native butterfly garden out back.

Back view of the butterfly house.

I just love this picture....looks like the flowers are reaching up to the sun!

Happy Birthday Dad

We celebrated Dad's birthday on June 27, day after the actual day! Happy Birthday!!