Monday, April 28, 2008


Well, I have been lost in action lately. I've been doing alot of scrapbooking finishing up my vacation album from last year, since we are leaving again soon! I finally finished the last page yesterday and it's done!
Went to a "mania" Friday night with friends and got alot done. The only problem is I spend alot of time shopping when I'm at the store. There are so many inticing items for my "collection" of scrap goodies.
The weather outside is "frightful" and yes this is spring. It is actually sleeting in some places in the St. Louis area, raining here. Supposed to freeze tonight. How ridiculous is that? I thought we were through that period of time! I have no annuals out yet, as I planned on doing that after we got back from vacation, so that's a good thing. Everything else will have to fend for itself.
That sunny beach is looking better and better every minute!!!
So for now, I'll go back to the couch and finish the paperback I've been engrossed in this past
week. Seems like the safest place for now. Bye

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well, they've finally arrived....five little eggs. One has a crack in it, don't know what that one will do. Momma and daddy are watching over them constantly. Everytime we come out our door in the back she flies off and watches from a "safe" distance. Not sure of the incubation period of finch eggs, so we'll just have to watch and see what happens!
Fact: The smallest eggs are laid by the smallest hummingbirds and weigh about 0.02 oz, while the largest, those of the Ostrich, weigh about 3.3 lb. The eggs of the extinct Elephant-bird were much larger and, it is estimated, would have weighed about 20 lb. Wow, that's alot of scrambled eggs!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Beautiful signs of spring. The nest is in an old fern I left hanging up over winter. Now I have to keep it! I think it belong to purple finches. They were scolding me when I was sitting out on the deck today and looking that way! We'll see what transpires.

Patches' final resting place...................................

Patty Girl's story....Ken got Patches 20 years ago from a farmer. He picked her out because she was the smallest and ugliest of the litter. He didn't want her left behind. She only weighed six pounds but she was a fiesty very independent kitty for her size. She was an indoor/outdoor kitty. She loved summer and being in the garden, running through the yard following us and running up trees. Winter wasn't her favorite, especially when she got older. She spent most of the winter indoors with us and the other kitties, which she didn't really have much to do with! She loved to finish up ice cream bowls when you were done with them and would patiently wait, watching you take very bite until you were finished and ready to share. She will be missed and her resting place is now in the garden she so loved to be in.

My faithful friend and companion, your memory will live forever in my heart!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

1988 - 2 APR 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Here are some more beautiful ATC's made with a "gothic arch" to them. It is for a swap in my vintage photo group. The theme was vintage beauty. This was my first time to stray away from the "normal" size of ATC's.

The "Easter Bunny" arrived on time! We celebrated Easter at my parent's in Henderson, Kentucky with family. Jordan, Danelle and Dakota came in from North Carolina, James and his girlfriend Jessica came down with us, and my sister and her boyfriend, Butch, were down from Pawnee, Illinois. We had a wonderful time together celebrating our risen Christ and birthdays!
I had to laugh after seeing this picture. James didn't quite know what to do with this little "creature" he was asked to hold! But this was his first time seeing his little niece. It was such a blessing having all of us together at Easter. We hadn't been together since last May of '07 and Dakota wasn't quite here yet. The bad part was we were so busy taking pics of Dakota, we forgot to get a pic of the two brother's together! Oh well, you have to have your priorities....hee hee hee!

We celebrated three birthdays at Easter....mine, Danelle's and Butch's. I actually turn "50" (yikes) on mine, which is not until April 19th. So I've still got some time to live in my 40's yet.......!

Happy Birthday, Danelle!

Happy Birthday, Butch!

Yum, great-grandpa sharing birthday ice cream with Dakota. What a treat!

Oh, the love between a great-grandmother and her great-granddaughter!

This little Fischer Price train was my sister's, who is now 41! Then, Dakota's daddy played with it when he was little, he's now 25. And here is little Dakota, taking her turn! She likes chewing on the plastic string more than anything at this point.

Dakota is now crawling and going all over the place. There's no stopping her now!