Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The "Easter Bunny" arrived on time! We celebrated Easter at my parent's in Henderson, Kentucky with family. Jordan, Danelle and Dakota came in from North Carolina, James and his girlfriend Jessica came down with us, and my sister and her boyfriend, Butch, were down from Pawnee, Illinois. We had a wonderful time together celebrating our risen Christ and birthdays!
I had to laugh after seeing this picture. James didn't quite know what to do with this little "creature" he was asked to hold! But this was his first time seeing his little niece. It was such a blessing having all of us together at Easter. We hadn't been together since last May of '07 and Dakota wasn't quite here yet. The bad part was we were so busy taking pics of Dakota, we forgot to get a pic of the two brother's together! Oh well, you have to have your priorities....hee hee hee!

We celebrated three birthdays at Easter....mine, Danelle's and Butch's. I actually turn "50" (yikes) on mine, which is not until April 19th. So I've still got some time to live in my 40's yet.......!

Happy Birthday, Danelle!

Happy Birthday, Butch!

Yum, great-grandpa sharing birthday ice cream with Dakota. What a treat!

Oh, the love between a great-grandmother and her great-granddaughter!

This little Fischer Price train was my sister's, who is now 41! Then, Dakota's daddy played with it when he was little, he's now 25. And here is little Dakota, taking her turn! She likes chewing on the plastic string more than anything at this point.

Dakota is now crawling and going all over the place. There's no stopping her now!

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Jonel said...

Oh, it was such a blessing for all of us to be together.......can't believe how our family has grown. Isn't that great-granddaughter something......what think ye, Grandma??? Our lives are so richly blessed by our family!!!