Monday, April 28, 2008


Well, I have been lost in action lately. I've been doing alot of scrapbooking finishing up my vacation album from last year, since we are leaving again soon! I finally finished the last page yesterday and it's done!
Went to a "mania" Friday night with friends and got alot done. The only problem is I spend alot of time shopping when I'm at the store. There are so many inticing items for my "collection" of scrap goodies.
The weather outside is "frightful" and yes this is spring. It is actually sleeting in some places in the St. Louis area, raining here. Supposed to freeze tonight. How ridiculous is that? I thought we were through that period of time! I have no annuals out yet, as I planned on doing that after we got back from vacation, so that's a good thing. Everything else will have to fend for itself.
That sunny beach is looking better and better every minute!!!
So for now, I'll go back to the couch and finish the paperback I've been engrossed in this past
week. Seems like the safest place for now. Bye

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