Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Check out the website.....

Okay, you crafters, you have to check out Ball's website.....they have all sorts of ideas of things to do with ball jars!

And they're made in America!!!

Finally got my scrapbook room painted. Since my all time favorite color is lime green and I wanted a cheery place to scrap, I chose "Chopped Chive" in Valspar paint for my room. If you've ever used Valspar from Lowe's, it is the best paint. I just love the coverage you get from it. Yes, it's bright! But I love how it turned out! Also, I keep my ribbons in mason jars (ball jars as some call them). They are new ones, but my sister has a "love affair" with ball jars and I found this interesting article on the history of mason jars...and wanted to share! Used for canning pickles and sipping iced tea, these wide-mouthed jars have been kitchen mainstays very since the Ball Corporation began producing them in 1884. Even now, the company continues to make 585,000 mason jars each day.
1858 - John Mason invents the first canning jar with a screw top; his patent expires in 1879, opening the world to competition.
1884 - Brothers Frank, Edmund, George, Lucius and William form Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing in New York State and start making mason jars. The company moves to Indiana three years later.
1909 - The first Ball Blue Book, a primer on home canning, is published. (An updated version can be purchased at
1918 - The Ball brothers bequeath a small college in Muncie to the state of Indiana; the school is later renamed Ball State University.
1933 - The Ball Company does not lay off a single employee during the Great Depression.
1972 - After 88 years as a family-owned business, Ball goes public.
2009 - The Ball mason jar celebrates its 125th anniversary. An exhibit, Can It! 125 Years of the ball Jar, can be viewed through August 23 at the Minnetrista Culteral Center in Muncie, Indiana. Visit for details.
Now how cool is that?

This was a frame I bought in the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby for $1.60 and covered in paper and embellished. It's a picture of my sister and I in Indiana at the an orthopedic hospital where our mom had gotten a hip replacement. We bought our matching t'shirts at Cracker Barrel and wore them into our mom's room...she got quite a kick of out it! If you can't read them well, they say "Mom Likes Me Best"! LOL

Hi, Tinkerbell....she always has to be the center of attention!

My DH bought the table for me at Big Lots for $45.00 and then we got the 24" chair to go with it. It's just the perfect heighth. I love it.