Sunday, April 6, 2008

Beautiful signs of spring. The nest is in an old fern I left hanging up over winter. Now I have to keep it! I think it belong to purple finches. They were scolding me when I was sitting out on the deck today and looking that way! We'll see what transpires.

Patches' final resting place...................................

Patty Girl's story....Ken got Patches 20 years ago from a farmer. He picked her out because she was the smallest and ugliest of the litter. He didn't want her left behind. She only weighed six pounds but she was a fiesty very independent kitty for her size. She was an indoor/outdoor kitty. She loved summer and being in the garden, running through the yard following us and running up trees. Winter wasn't her favorite, especially when she got older. She spent most of the winter indoors with us and the other kitties, which she didn't really have much to do with! She loved to finish up ice cream bowls when you were done with them and would patiently wait, watching you take very bite until you were finished and ready to share. She will be missed and her resting place is now in the garden she so loved to be in.

My faithful friend and companion, your memory will live forever in my heart!

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