Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Niki was a prolific self-taught artist who first earned renown for her "shooting paintings," created by firing a 22-caliber rifle at containers of paint mounted onto canvases.
Later in the 1960's, the "nanas" made her famous. And then, inspired by Gaudi', Niki devoted 20 years to creating a monumental sculpture park, the Tarot Garden in Tuscany.
The largest collection of her works in the U.S. is found in and around San Diego, California, where she spent her final years. She died in 2002 of emphysema, her lungs damaged by many years of breathing polyster fibers while creating her early works. Today, Niki is remembered as the creator of playful, larger-than-life creations celebrating diversity, women, children, love and joy. Her work is beloved throughout the world.
Tomorrow I will show some of her chairs and sports figures.
This beautiful "temple" is entitled Le Temple ideal-'Eglise pour toutes les religions. Reminds me somewhat of Dr. Suess. Behind it you see part of the Climatron.
All of Niki's pieces are privately owned unique works of art. They are irreplaceable; but a small portion of works may be touched and even sat upon. Others are to be enjoyed visually only. Nikigator was one that invited people including children to touch, fell and even play upon. We say many enjoying that very thing.


The next few were found in the Climatron, a tropical rain forest in side the world's first geodesic dome greenhouse. This one is entitled Pouf serpent jaune.

Once again, one of my favorites. And I really like the way they placed it in the greenery and how it reflected the leaves in the mirror-like mosaic pieces.

Closeup of intricate work on teeth.

Entitled Femme Bleue

This sculpture was found in the Temperate House and is entitled New Man is Coming.

Some of the intricate detail in this sculpture.

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