Wednesday, July 30, 2008

There Is Beauty All Around

Creation is filled with stunning variety and exquisite beauty. The delicate, intricate, and fragile, as well as the strong, mighty, and powerful, testify sweetly to the richness of the Creator. --Marilyn Meberg
Each morning the sun rises upon a glorious world that is a physical manifestation of God's infinite power and His infinite love. And yet we're sometimes too busy to notice.
We live in a society filled with more obligations than we can possibly meet. Is it any wonder, then, that we often over look God's handiwork as we rush from place to place, giving scarcely a single thought to the beauty that surrounds us?
Today take time to really observe the world around you. Take time to offer a prayer of thanks for the sky above and the beauty that lies beneath it. And take time to ponder the miracle of God's creation. The time you spend celebrating God's wonderul world is always time well spent.
I've been struggling the past few weeks with some depression....too many of life's "things" getting to me. It feels good to just go out in my garden and reflect on the beauty that God has placed in this world for us to enjoy. Here are some more pics from my garden, and I hope they inspire you to take time and ponder the miracle of creation.

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Pam S. said...

your garden is so lovely! You are so right!
thanks for sharing what's on your heart!