Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thursday, July 17th, we made a trip up north to the annual Union Cemetery Chicken & Fish Fry. They hold this as a fundraiser to upkeep their cemetery. It's in the country near Greenfield, Illinios, and has been going on for over 100 years. The couple that sat next to me were in their eighties and she had been coming since she was a little girl. After this we headed on to explore the countryside and see what treasures we could find in antique shops around the area.
My Dad, stepmom, Ken and my brother-in-laws mom, Patsy.

Our dinner was just wonderful. Everything was homemade. Slaw, potato salad, bread and butter pickles, pickled beets and more. Delicious!

Oh the choices........so many to choose from!

The "fry" area. They were frying chicken and fish.

Here is a picture of the original church. I'm not sure when it was torn down, but had to be sometime after 1941; then they built the community building where every gathered after that.

This sounds amusing!

Poster advertising the fish fry--dated 1941

This one is dated 1938. I bet those Royal Flush Noveltyl Boys were entertaining.

This is the cemetery, across the road from the community area.

Okay, who can resist exploring an old cemetery on a hot afternoon in July?

Crossing the Illinois river at Kampsville, Illinois.

We always seem to find some wonderful antique shops to check out. In this one I found a vintage woman image on a bridge tally and an advertising coin from our hometown, Belleville.

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