Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunday we visited the City Museum in downtown St. Louis. It used to be a shoe factory and now is three floors of climbing, exploring, learning and fun. There's also a huge outdoor area for climbing too. Our son, daughter-in-law and grandsons were in town from Dayton, Ohio and we also took our granddaughters who live locally. Also inside the museum is the World Aquarium, where you can see aquatic life and also touch a shark, sea urchin, star fish, lobster and stingray. They also feed the sharks and stingrays at certain times for you to watch. It's a great place for kids to just be kids.
The kids take the shots!

Sisters--Ashley and Allyson

Cute pic of Ashley.

Some structure "artwork".

From left to right: Daughter-in-law, Dawn, grandson Dalton & Dawson and son, David.

This shows some of the outside structure for climbing. It's quite far up!


This oughta keep them out of trouble for awhile! :-)

Hey, Grandmas can have fun too! Although their knees suffer later!!

Giant "spring" fun!

Ashley following Dalton, with Ally not far behind.

Dawson, exploring unknown territory.

Grandpa's are just big kids!

Dalton, climbing in a giant "spring".

The whole bunch.

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