Monday, July 7, 2008

Mosaic is a surface decoration made by laying out small pieces of material, often glass, tile, ceramic, stone and so on. Tesserae are the tiles, glass pieces, broken china or pottery that are pieced together on the surface to make the design.
These are the Guardian all time favorite. One was on each side of the entrance to the walking path. Very beautiful!

Totems: Inspired by Native American traditions, Niki sought advice from the National Museum of the American Indian before creating her designs. This one is entitled Bird Head Totem.

Large Bull Totem

Cat Head Totem

Closeup of Kingfisher Totem

Kingfisher Totem

The skull was fascinating....I don't know if it as the colors, the subject or just the massive size of it. The following are a couple of closeups.


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