Monday, June 30, 2008

Here's Gracie Mae, growing up. She's eating well now and on the go. She's in constant motion (unless she's asleep) and she plays with everything including things that don't move. My step-mom, JoAnn, got this rug for the front door and I laid it in the middle of the kitchen floor when I got home and thought this would make a great picture! What do you think? Heed the warning!!!!!
After a hard day's play......Gracie Mae asleep in her daddy's arms! Yes, I did win and we named her Grace. She fits the description quite well, she's so sweet.

This was that last pic I got of the baby finches before they "flew the coop"! They were gone a couple of days later. It was quite an experience being able to see them hatch and grow so close up.

I thought I would leave you with this beautiful picture of a day lily in my yard. I've been trying to take different pics instead of the usual whole flower. I thought it turned out quite wonderful.

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