Sunday, June 1, 2008

We have babies!!! Two little fuzz do they fit in that egg? You can hardly really tell they are birds in this pic, little red things with downy fuzz on them. They cannot lift their heads at this point. I have a few more progression pics taken over a few days time.
Okay, I count four, they change in appearance daily.

Amazing how fast little birds grow! This is only two days later than the other pic. They are already looking more like birds everyday and their feathers are starting to show more. As far as I can see, there's only four, don't know about the fifth egg. Mama and papa finch are keeping a close eye out from a distance when you're close to their nest.

And here's the latest; it's in my hanging flower basket in the front of the house. Each day we've seen a new egg laid, but no site of any bird! One egg is outside the nest which is more of a "tunnel" like nest, not your usual birds nest we're used to seeing. So we'll see what progresses with this one.

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