Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We visited historic Fort Walton, Florida and shopped and looked around their historic district. They didn't have alot, but what we did find was quite fun and interesting. The Buccaner and an American Indian Shop with beautiful things.
I just love these palm trees....they fascinate me. I guess because they are so different than the trees we have around here.

Butch and Barbara.....do they look like tourists?

Well, look who shows up again, Joe Cool! Gotta love 'em! He's standing by a piece of Ft. Walton history.

Butch loved this store. The Buccaner.....been in business for years and full of eclectic things....coke, antiques, racing.....you name it, they had it. Of course, Butch, being a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan and coca cola fan, had a great time!

Boop Boop B Doop.....fun stuff!

Squawk.....say "goodbye"!

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