Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Over the next few days or so I will share out vacation to Destin with you. Hope you enjoy!
What can I say......I am absolutely in love with this community. This is Seaside....the heart of Highway 30-A on the Gulf of Mexico. Since it's grand beginning, it has attracted world-wide attention. Time magazine quoted it as "the most astounding design achievements of it's era." It has won many prestigious architectural awards over the years. Conceived, planned and developed by Robert and Daryl Davis, their dream was to create a pedestrian-friendly community of cottages with picket fences and elevated porches to awtch the sun set on the Gulf. That they did............I'm in love!!
Now this is a house........love it! Each house has a name, sits right on the brick street and is painted a wonderful color! The New Urbanism, an architectural movement born with the creation of Seaside has played an important role contributing to today's awareness in the designing and planning of the traditional town. If you are interested in living here the homes run anywhere from 1,500,000.00 to around 4,900,ooo.oo. If you can't afford one, you can come visit me "when" I win the mega million lottery and move there!

The town center was inspired by the squares you'll find in cities like Charleston, Florence, Italy and Savannah. The Central Square is where you'll find shops and restaurants with no building more than 3 or 4 stories tall. Another home in Seaside.

FACT: The Truman Show with Jim Carey was filmed in Seaside. I took this picture of a pic on the wall in the Modica Gourmet Market.

Seaside's "walk-to-anywhere" design works to bring necessary shops and sevices to its residents and guests. Seaside is home to a gourmet food market, multiple art galleries and small boutiques all centered around town square with an outdoor amphitheater.

Joe Cool...uh....I mean, Ken looking handsome as ever!

Dad and Butch are enjoying the shops at Seaside. Along the brick-laid streets you will find rows of homes, a highly praised charter school, a newly designed chapel and a newly opened Medical Arts Building all serving the community.

Mom and dad enjoying the view.

There are some very cute little quaint shops! I loved the display outside of this one.

There is alot of green foliage and flowers in the community, more than you see elsewhere in the area.

Barbara and Butch enjoying the Seaside community.

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