Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Here are the babies today; unbelievable how they change daily in their appearance. I would say this could be the last picture, we'll see. I'm sure they'll be out of the nest shortly. Especially since the parents are keeping quite the close eye on them as never before. They did not like me close to their nest today. They were raising quite a fuss which attracted others in the vicinity which I'm sure also have nests close by. One was the wren and another a male goldfinch. And I would say it's time for them to go, hence all the bird poop around the nest! Yuk!
This is not the clearest pic of daddy bird, but you can see how red he is, much more brightly colored than the mommy. He did not like me being so close to the nest this time, he was swooping down at me when I took a pic of the babies today.

This is mom and dad!

This is Sadie, our new "grandpuppy". She is a four month old chocolate lab. Quite the personality and loves her "girls". That would be our grandaughters, Ashley and Allyson.

This is Allyson, our Grandaughter with Sadie. They have become big buddies.

Leaving you with a pic of my sister and I. We found these awesome shirts at Cracker Barrel and couldn't resist getting them. We were in Evansville, Indiana at Deaconess Hospital where my mom had just gotten a hip replacement done. We knew she would love it and it would brighten her day!

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