Monday, June 25, 2007

I have to share just one more....the color on this one is absolutely breathtaking!
And also wanted to share that we had a great time the other night at Leesa's house scrapping. Her scrapbook room is to die for, of course it does help to have owned a shop at one time. Great storage racks! And my DH thought I had alot of supplies! Thanks Leesa for prividing the home and pizza and thanks Deb, Ceneetra and Shirla for such a fun time! Looking forward to next month's!
This one is just amazing....have I said that before? Sorry, can't help myself!

Another beautiful specimen....wish I could remember all the names of these, should have written them down when I bought them. But I can still enjoy them just the same.

Okay, another walk in the garden and I can't stand it, I have to run back in the house and get my camera. I just can't help it. They only last so long, and a picture preserves their beauty forever. Only, there's nothing like seeing them in person!

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Jonel said...

The flowers do not equal the beauty of the daughter we are so proud of. She has "flowered" into a wonderful young woman and is a joy in our lives.

Love ya', kiddo!!!!