Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Alice Hyde hosted a swap title "State Fair" and these are the cards I received. Enjoy them.

This pink one reminds us of cotton of my favorite things to buy when we got there! Toby and Sis must have been very happy! This is done by Donna Hansen.
Isn't this just an awesome card reminding us of fun times at the fair.....the rides, the clowns, etc. This one was made by Kris Dickinson.

Heather Robinson from Ontario, Canada created this beautiful vintage image card. No fair is complete without an elephant ride!

Julie Ziemann and another wonderful vintage card. She even uses real string to connect the basket to the balloon. I've never taken a hot air balloon ride, have you?

Okay, I remember those glasses!! Neat way of doing the blue ribbon and one of our favorite things during fair time is walking through the livestock barns and looking at the animals. Made by Will Wratten

It's a blue ribbon winner by Alice Hyde. Love the way she created the blue ribbon!

This one was done by Jan Larson and titled "Too Hot For The Fair"! How right, always seems to be some of the hottest days of the year when it's fair time. Anyone remember Will Rogers?

This one was created by Carrie Rees. I just love the way she used the color pink with her vintage image. Even pink german scrap on the edge at the top. You can visit Carrie at her blog at

Alice enclosed this little bag, stamped with an Iowa State Fair image and filled with tickets. Isn't it adorable? Now I have to find the time to go........!

Pam sent me a wonderful picture she took of her ATC for the summer swap that is much better than my scan. Now you can see the image much better and the beauty of her card. Thanks, Pam!

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