Sunday, August 17, 2008

Balloon Fest 2008 - Centralia, Illinois

We headed off yesterday evening to the 19th annual Balloon Fest in Centralia, Illinois. First time I've been around hot air balloons. They are just beautiful! We were looking forward to the "Balloon Glow" at dusk. Everyone gathers around Catfish Pond and the balloons glow all together and then at different times. The whole process went on for a hour or more. Was absolutely beautiful with the reflections in the water.
Blowing up "Lucky Charm" from Hallsville, MO.

"Stars & Bars" from Louisville, KY......."Absolute Sunshine, Noblesville, IN......and "Sunkissed", New Holland.

"Arky" from Grant's Pass, Oregon. "Stars & Bars" from Louisville, Kentucky is on the right.

Meet "Azul".

Peek-a-boo! Humpty Dumpty, St. Louis, Mo.

"Hot Flash" from Champaign, Illinois.

Behind the tree balloon glow! This balloon was named "Softness of Spirit" from Ellisville, MO.

"National Ranger" from Quincy, IL.

"Knot a Balloon" from Macomb, Illinois.

This is my favorite. They just look so beautiful with their reflections in the lake.

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Kentucky Great said...

Your balloon pictures are simply marvelous............just now catching up with your blog after my "long absence"!!! Wonderful pictures and comments.

Love ya'