Sunday, August 10, 2008

These are the ATC's I received in our "summer" swap. Their are nine total and Pam Sparks from Iowa was our hostess. She did a wonderful job, too. Thanks for asking me to join, Pam!
This first card was made by Kelli Bieuklander and is titled "Laundry Day". The line is actually string with little clothes and clothespins. I can definetly remember helping my Grandma with the wringer washer (and yes I ran my arm through it a couple of times) and hanging clothes out on the line to dry. Of course, the other memories of all the sayings on the cards I remember when my own little ones were home from school in the summer and bored! Very cute card.
Again, this particular image does not scan well....but it's just gorgeous in person. Pam printed this image on acetate to get this effect. A little boy and girl with their boat paddles in hand and the sea in the background. Really beautiful. Done by our wonderful hostess, Pam Sparks.

A great summer memory, the fair. And there's always a bingo game going on at the fair! Wonderful trimming with german scrap and a cute little vintage child image.

Another great summer memory by Jan Larson. "Little Miss Liberty" reminding us of how lucky we are to live in this wonderful country, America. The pole she's holding the glad on is actually a straight clever!

This card was done by Alice Hyde; what a cute vintage image of a little girl and her sailboat. Wonderful waves crashing about with dimensional water droplets.

A little bit of art from Julia Ziemann. Lots of texture and wonderful vintage image with a title of "endless summer"!

What I love about this card is the vintage image and how the sandpaper was used at the bottom to replicate the sand on the beach; one of my favorite places to be! This card was done by Melinda Peckham.

Unfortunetly the thickness of this card did not allow it to scan very well and show it's uniqueness and beauty. It's just an awsome card done by Gail Kirby with lots of texture, color and distressing which is one of my favorite techniques to do. Up in the corner is a little folded hat which is adorable. The back of her card was even done beautifully.

Titled "berries", this was a thank you ATC by Pam Sparks; the hostess of the swap. Beautiful stamping and color!

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