Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well, just got back from seeing my ortho doc.....well, how many ways can you say discouraging! He asked how my knee was and I told him wonderful...much better than last year. He said to me, "I hate to rain on your parade...but"; now is that any way to greet your patient? Hmmmm, I hate to rain on your parade? Then we looked at the photos taken during surgery and I saw firsthand what he meant....yes, bad deterioration since last surgery. So apparently, he had no good answer....just it could feel great for six weeks, six months, six years. The only thing I can do is do everything in my power to keep the cartilage there healthy (weight loss, green tea, berries and such) and time will tell. Then we're looking at discussing partial or total knee replacement. But I do thank God for the knee I have....many people don't have that! So I'm greatful for that. and..... A new bionic knee....we can rebuild! And no returning to work just yet.....follow-up in two weeks.
I did want to end this entry on a wonderful note....spring is showing up in so many ways today! Here are some pictures I took outside yesterday in our yard. Today it's beautiful and sunny, supposed to get in the low 70's.....spring, I love you! That can only mean birds, warmer weather, more flowers, green leaves on trees, rejuvenation at it's best. Come on summer....I'm ready for you!

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Pam S. said...

lovely pics Beth... no fun to read about your knee though!
Pam Going Postal