Sunday, March 21, 2010

After visiting my friend, Pam's, blog yesterday....I found a new and different style of card to make. Following the link I found the directions to make "easel" cards. This was my "rough draft" and is just an example to follow. They are really fun and challenging to make. You can visit her blog at and see her examples too. Hers are beautiful and she is an "expert" at using and blending her colors with copic markers. Those are on my "wish" list.
Here is my "real" card.....I was very happy with the finished product. I know exactly who I'll give it to!

Today Ken and I headed to Cahokia Mounds in Collinsville, Illinois. It is the largest prehistoric Indian site north of Mexico. It covers about 4000 acres and includes at least 120 mounds. It is designated as a World Heritage Site for its significance in the prehistory of North America. This weekend they held their Spring Indian Market Days in which people of Indian heritage come from all over to show and sell their crafts.

Some of the "arrowhead" point arrows for sale.

Unfortunetly is was rainy today and we were unable to go outside, but here's a view of a couple of the smaller mounds from inside the museum.

There I am!

Ken looking at some of the exhibit depicting their life in the mounds.

What their diet consisted of....corn was a big part.

Tools of the trade.

The next few images are of artifacts found during the digs.....just a little insight into who the Cahokia Indians were.

Beautiful work on tile depicting the Indian woman's role in the tribe.

This is the work of Keith Yazzie Jay, a navajo from Colorado. You can check his work out at You will be glad you took a look!


Pam S. said...
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Pam S. said...

Hi Beth! Your easel cards are great! Aren't they fun?!!! I'm thinking every other card will be that way from now on! lol Glad to see you're out and about...looks like a fun place to visit and educational too!
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