Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Well, finally, here it is. My first altered cabinet card. It measures approximately 4 X 6 in size and I altered it with alcohol inks, stamping, gold leaf pen and various embellishments. The bottons, eyelet and snap are very old from an antique sewing kit I bought as well as the part of the needle package and the needle came from that package. There are two definitions on the card. One is - Domestic, belonging to the house or home; tame; not foreign--A household servant. The other is - Queenhood, The rank, quality, or character of a queen. She is a domestic queen! She feels very important in her household; she ranks #1.
These are really fun to create, although there are many hours invested in this one. They are time consuming, but the end result is really fun.
Here is another pic with the top where I attached beads with wire. You are able to hang it to show it off.

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Jonel said...

I am absolutely amazed at how creative you are......this is wonderful and so apt. I bet that little lady never thought her picture would turn into such a treasure!!!

Love ya'