Thursday, October 4, 2007

This past weekend we had a house full of people. My sister-in-law's mother passed away and the funeral was here in town. My family is from Minnesota and stayed with us during this time. It was a busy time, but we had a wonderful visit and played quite a few card games. Was great to see them and have the time together. Here are my nieces below and Father Stephan that came to perform the funeral. The first is my youngest niece Mary, who is still in high school. She plans on attending college probably out east to become a pastry chef. The live in Northfield, MN which is home to Malto Meal and also Jesse James robbed a bank there once. So they have Jesse James days every fall. Just a little bit of history.
Here is Abby, the "middle child"! Abby is in college for social work and when she was in high school she was national weight lifting champion in her class.

Here is my niece Anna Elizabeth...the oldest. She is in college to be an interpreter and can speak several languages. Yes, she's a little crazy as you can tell by the picture!

And here's Father Stephan....a very good friend of my brother and sister-in-law and he flew in all the way from Arizona where he lives now. He is a crosier. He stayed with us on Monday night and performed the funeral on Tuesday. It's not everyone who can say they had a priest dressing in their living room! Doesn't he look wonderful next to Tinkerbell. They match wonderfully!! He loved our kitties and remembered all their names right away. We made a deal that our next male kitten will be named Father Stephan after him!

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