Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spent the day out weeding in my garden and cleaning up a few things since there's an everchanging landscape out there. It was a beautiful day outside, pretty hot, but humidity was low and a cool breeze to help keep me going. Got almost everything done I wanted to. Have to put a bench back together that fell apart this spring, but had to charge the power drill. That's tomorrow's project outside. Everything looks so cleaned up and beautiful. Here's some pics I have to share!

What a gorgeous melon color this daylily delicate looking.

My beautiful, over-taking coneflower. Yes, it's natural to this area, but it's getting carried away this year. I actually had to tear some out. I love taking profile pics of this flower and I also caught a bee on it. He was busy working his way from bloom to bloom.

And the best for favorite of all-time. Just love the brightness of this bloom. It certainly puts on quite a show.


sharpone said...

What beautiful blooms......makes you realize who is really in charge of this world......let's see you do that, Congress!

taio said...