Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here are some of the beautiful flowers I have blooming right now.....just love daylily's! Should be out there "weeding" right now...weeds, weeds everywhere. Why do the weeds grow at an amazingly faster rate than the flowers?
Chrissy (my son's girlfriend) is being admitted tomorrow evening to be induced on Friday for the you'll know where I will be. There will be lots of pics to come. His name will be Johnathan Andrew, John for short which is a family name for us. At first she was going to spell it Jonathan, but felt John wouldn't work then. Alot of people think spelling it Johnathan is not correct, but I've seen plenty spelled that way......! My mom, Jonel (who is named after the family name) is estatic about having a grandson "named after her"! Oops, make that great grandma....I'm the grandma! Whoopee!

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Pam S. said...

congrats Grandma!!! lol Your flowers are beautiful! You are so talented!
Pam Going Postal