Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We had a storm yesterday evening that went through, and a tornado touched down about three miles from our house in this neighborhood off Lebanon Avenue and Greenmount Rd. It also touched down outside of Mascoutah, IL. These are pictures I took of the damage in the area of Greenmount Rd. We could not get into the subdivision where it touched down, but these are pictures we got from the road as we drove by. We were driving very slow by here because they were still cleaning up debrees off Lebanon Avenue in the roadway.

Debrees being stacked out front.

Channel Four "copter".

All the light poles in this parking lot were either leaning or c ompletely broke off like this one.

Huge sign completely bent over.

Very pretty sun after the storm.

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Carla said...

Wow Beth you got some good pics of the storm damage. So glad you all were okay, I did hear from Ruth the next day so I know she was okay too and so was her house. My son called to let me know that he and my mom were okay too. Wow, sometimes I am really glad I moved to Waterloo!! But I do miss my hometown!