Monday, June 8, 2009

These are pictures of Seymour, Iowa, where we went to on a recent trip up north. My G-G-G-G-grandparents on my father's side settled here from England in the 1800's. I had information on them and wanted to see the town and where they were buried in the local cemetery. We didn't find their original home, don't know where it was. But certainly would enjoy going back and spending more time in the area and take more time to go through the library info and find other local information on my family. I did get copies of their obituaries from the Seymour Library.

This is the cemetery where they are buried in Seymour, Iowa.

Samuel and Sarah Webb, my G-G-G-G-grandparents that came over from England in the 1800's and eventually settled here in Seymour, Iowa.

On down the road, outside of Adair, Iowa, we stopped at this historical site.

Me, standing at the marker of the "First train robbery in the West" that involved the notorious Jesse James....just outside of Adair, Iowa.

A part of the original tracks.

We visited Jesse James' home in St. Joseph's Missouri.

Dad and JoAnn on the backporch of Jesse James' home.

Picture of Jesse James' living room.

Jesse James was straightening a picture on the wall when Bob Ford shot him in the back of the head. You can see the bullet hold in the wall (gold frame) where it went through his head and into the wall.

Picture of Jesse James in casket; there's a small tie pin that was found in the chest area when he was exhumed for DNA testing.

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