Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do not forget where we came from....

Here is my great-great-great grandmother and grandfather.....Sarah Rodgers Webb and Samuel Webb Sr. They are surrounded by their children..from left to right...Ernest, Mary Jane, Herbert, Sam Jr., Alfred (bottom), Harry, John and Matilda. Samuel Webb Sr. was born in Warwickshire, England, best known for the birthplace of William Shakespeare and Sarah was born in Bilston, Staffordshire, England. Bilston is a town in the West Midlands regions of Staffordshire. They are buried in the family plot in Seymour, Iowa.
Left bottom corner is Sam, great-great grandfather on my paternal grandmother's side. He was born in Yorkshire, England in 1863. Yorkshire is a historic county of northern England and the largest in Great Britain. Surrounding him are his five brothers.

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Carla said...

Oh Beth, what a treat to see those old photos of your ancestors!! I love the caption of your post too. I recently scanned all of moms old pictures and started on another heritage album. going to try and keep backups this time! I am waiting on some of the older photos like yours from my sister. We definitely need to get together and compare notes!!