Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jack Frost

Meet Jack Frost.....we call him Jack. He's also become know as Jackie Chan or "The Jackster". We estimate he's around 5 - 6 months, probably about the same as Gracie Mae; they're the same size. Jack came to us.....well, you know we're suckers......from a friend of ours. Her father-in-law found him at his car wash. He was entirely taped shut in a box that was thrown out in one of the bays and all wet from many car washings that had gone on while he was there. He thought he should look in the box before he threw it out since it was taped shut.....a little suspicious. And here was a little white kitten, exhausted, hungry, dehydrated and full of fleas. How could someone do that? There are very mean people out there and some seem to take it out on animals. But Jack's home now....and him a Gracie are the best of friends! That brings us back to lucky #7 on our count of kitties. We stop here........! LOL

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