Sunday, October 5, 2008

We spent several hours driving through Brown Co. State Park, enjoying lakes, the scenery throughout the "Little Smokies", going through the Nature Center and just enjoying the wonderful drives down the little winding roads through the park. If you have a chance, take a few days and visit Brown will not regret a minute of it!! Hope you enjoyed your visual tour I've given.
A wild turkey we saw on the winding roads through the state park.

Fun facts about Brown County....

Established in 1836

Population: Nashville 873; Brown County 15,071

Size of County: 320 square miles

Brown County State Park: Largest State Park in Indiana

Two covered bridges: Bean Blossom and Ramp Creek

Horseman Camp inside the State Park & Yellowwood State Forest

Home to The Little Nashville Opry

Nickname the "Little Smokies"

There are only 4 elevators in Brown County

There is one movie theater in Brown County that seats 35

Still pan for gold

No taxis or dry cleaners

No pizza delivery in the county

Lodging: 256 Tourist Cabins/Homes; 16 Hotels, Motels and Inns: 13 B & B's; 6 Guest Quarters; 5 Campgrounds: 1500 campsites: 655 rooms

Youth camps: 12

Dining: 23 restaurants; 10 candy, ice cream and nut shops and only one fast food chain - McDonalds

Cemeteries: 75

Churches: 30+

Unfortunetly we had to take our trip earlier than expected, so we didn't get to see all the beautiful scenery of the leaves changing. Can you just imagine this view filled with beautiful fall oranges, reds and yellows?


Nashville has only: 3 traffic lights, 3 story building/tallest building, 3 coffee shops with WiFi access and one of only three sock factories in the United States - "For Bare Feet".

This was one of the family-friendly trails in the park, which we took! We tried a 2 mile hike, but got about 15 feet with my knee! So this was a great least in my book!!

Brown County Legends: C. Carey Cloud, created children's puzzle and pop-up books, designed radio giveaway toys for such programs as Little Orphan Annie and Superman and is best known as the Cracker jack artist who devised 289 different toys found in the containers of the caramel popcorn. Charlie Alber, the inventor of the credit card magnetic strip. Bill Monroe Music Park and Campground - "Home to the oldest, continuous running bluegrass festival in the world!"

Artists located in Brown County.....81 painters, 4 drawings, 17 glass, 7 textile/fiber/mixed media, 11 weavers, 21 potters and ceramics, 2 knitters, 19 wood, 14 photography, 1 holographics, 3 leather/metal work and 25 pioneer craftsman: jewelry, basketry, dolls and gourds artists.

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