Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year everyone! DH and I went to see "The Great Debaters" last night on New Year's Eve. What a wonderful movie, inspirational. Densel Washington and Forrest Whitaker did an excellent job and I see awards in their future for their performances.
After arriving back home we sat down to watch the new year ring in at Times Square and went promptly to bed at about 12:05. Hey, we made it up past midnight, which we failed to do last year!
My "goal".....notice I didn't say new years resolution.....is to remember to call and send everyone close to me a birthday card......on time!! That's where the problem arises. I am making a birthday reminder folder and making all my cards this year, hopefully. I'm such a bad procrastinator when it comes to getting cards off on time. So far one's already on it's way to a daughter-in-law whose birthday happens to be January 4th. Happy birthday Dawn!!
I wish everyone great health and many blessings over the new year! Beth

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