Saturday, September 15, 2007

Forgot to mention that last Saturday I got to see Peter Tork in person at Cedarhurst in Mt. Vernon, IL. I was pretty excited about this....since I was a huge Monkey's fan back when....well, let's just say back when! Anyway, all the other girls were crazy about Davy Jones; not me, I was all about Peter Tork. He was dreamy & so so cute! Well, I was a little disappointed when I saw him. Was I expecting to see the same face I knew and dreamed about at one time? I guess! But there he was, not much hair and looking pretty old. Then I thought, how much older am I? No, I don't look old!! I don't feel old, anyway! Well, I think I'll just keep my old Peter Tork memory alive in my mind and get on with life. Hey, hey for the Monkey's!!!

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