Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Since I am at work right now reading all the "trashy" magazines my co-worker brings in and leaves here, I thought I would share some totally useless information on some of the "stars" around Hollywood with you. Well, here it goes:

Carrie Underwood unlucky in love? Yes, it seems! She states "but guys are guys, no matter what they do or what walk of life they come from." Well.....we could have told her that...duh!

Lindsay Lohan begins postprison life. Imagine, she's spent a total of 84 minutes in jail, how will she cope? She is now looking for a new place to stay in Los Angeles....away from the Chateau and her old life. We'll see.......

Britney (now you knew she had to be mentioned) Spears is banned from driving Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, per a court ruling on Nov. 16th. "Recent aggressive actions by individuals...have resulted in her decision to take certain security measures for the protection of her children." Huh, come again??

Oh, now here's something I'm really upset about. I just found out Mr. Whipple died. I'm sure anyone around my age remembers him...his famous line is "please, don't squeeze the Charmin." He was a household name back then making more than 500 commercials!

Woohoo, the Spice Girls debut reunion performance at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show; won't want to miss that! I'm sorry, can't make it, I have to wash my car.

The agency that arranged the 2005 adoption of Angelina's Ethiopian-born daughter, Zahara, refuted the claims of a woman who identified herself as the child's biological mother. Their records show that Zahara's mother is deceased, and Jolie's adoption is therefore valid. I was losing sleep over that one!

Okay, so much for all that. Now here's some information we can all use. First, fans of Shrek, of which I'm one, will be delighted to know there's a new animated Christmas special on Wed. at 8:00 called "Shrek the Halls". Shrek learns a lesson about generosity when he gets a little Claus-trophobic! Second, here's info I totally like.....100 calorie packs of M&M's, 3 Musketeers and Twix (my personal fav). Now there's some worthwhile information...get all the pleasure with none of the regret! Wish I would have said that! Enjoy, Beth

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