Friday, August 17, 2007

Here is a great pic of Ken and our grandsons....we couldn't believe how tall Dalton has gotten and Dawn says Dawson is even taller than Dalton as at that age. They are both wonderful boys and we really enjoyed our time with them. Dawson lost a tooth while we were there, with a little coaxing with a pair of pliers; yes pliers! He was a brave boy!! He just wanted that tooth out at all costs. Of course, two dollars under the pillow in the morning was quite the incentive, also.
Well, here she is.....the little cutie pie! Couldn't wait to get my hands on her and once I did, I didn't put her down! She is so hugable, loveable, cuddly....I could go on forever! We had a wonderful time visiting with mom and dad also, but forgot to get pictures of them with Dakota....what was I thinking? They have a cute apartment in a nice apartment complex and are moving right along with changes in their lives. Jordan's last official military day was today, so he's now out of the army and back into civilian life. Matthews, North Carolina is a beautiful place, right outside of Charlotte. They'll do great there, just when do I get to go back?????

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